2016 Spring Event is Open
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Proyecto Semana Santa 2016 [ Spanish]

Fechas: Del 20 al 28 de Marzo.

Cuota: Las tasas de participación son de 149 euros.


Incluido: Alojamiento con pensión completa, materiales de trabajo, regalos para los niños, fiesta final  y resto de actividades mencionadas en el programa.

No incluido: Billete de avión, seguro médico, recogida del aeropuerto de Marrakech y excursiones.


En este proyecto Sable D’or ofrece a sus voluntarios la posibilidad de ayudar a otros mientras visitan nuevos lugares y aprenden de una cultura diferente.

Todos los voluntarios tendrán la oportunidad de participar en:

  • Una visita al orfanato de Errachidia y entregarles las ayudas (ropa y material escolar).
  • Decorar una clase de niños y niñas de 3 a 6 años, esto será con la ayuda de pintores profesionales.
  • Hacer actividades con los niños y niñas de la misma.
  • Repartir material escolar para estos niñ@s y también para otros niños que están en riesgo de exclusión social.

En el proyecto de Actividades con niños los voluntarios prepararán actividades de tiempo libre para niños con edades entre 3 y 6 años, Las Actividades en general serán juegos, manualidades, talleres etc, siempre se puede enfocar las actividades en algún tema/valor, como ejemplo amistad, amara a la naturaliza, aprender a compartir etc.


 Más informaciones:


La escuela:

La escuela se encuentra en el pueblo y es de niños de 3 a 6 años.


Día de recogida:

La recogida para este proyecto se realiza desde el aeropuerto de Marrakech (a las 15:00), estos detalles os los enviamos en las informaciones de los proyectos cuando estéis aceptados en el proyecto. Si no llegas el día establecido para la recogida, te mandaremos la información y direcciones necesarias para que puedas viajar por tu cuenta.


Llegada a Errachidia:

El día siguiente se realizará una reunión entre todos los voluntarios para hacer los grupos de trabajo y repartir las tareas de cada grupo.


Trabajo diario de 6 horas:

Cada grupo trabajará en el proyecto elegido tres horas por la mañana y tres por la tarde.


Excursión al desierto:

El día 24 y 25 de Marzo vamos a realizar nuestra excursión,  para disfrutar de una noche en el desierto, nos adentraremos al desierto en camello cenar y dormir  con los nómadas en sus jaimas en medio del desierto.


PD: Esta excursión es opcional, los voluntarios que no quieran realizarla pueden quedarse en la escuela sin ningún problema.

Fiesta de despedida:

En esta fiesta los voluntarios recibirán diplomas agradeciendo su participación.






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2016 Spring Event Program


Dates: From the 20th of March to the 28th of March.

Price: The cost of joining the program is of 149 € (you can pay it at arrival or now via paypal)

Included: Lodging with breakfast, lunch and dinner, work materials, presents for the kids, final party and other activities mentioned in the program (Excursions not included).

Not included: Flights, medical insurance, Marrakesh airport pick up and excursions.


Sable D’or Association offers a new program during Easter week in ErRachidia, Morocco, which gives its participants the possibility to help others while they get to visit new places and learn from a different culture.

The volunteers will stay either at an apartment (shared with all the other volunteers) or at a school, there will be two different groups, one to do activities with kids and the “painting” group.

In the Activities with kids, the volunteers will prepare activities for kids aged between 6 and 11 (you can find the work Schedule below). The activities will consist mainly of games, arts and crafts, workshops, etc. In this Project we want to focus on dental hygiene, that is why we should try to come up with activities that will help the kids learn more about their mouths and teeth, how to take care of them, how to brush correctly, etc.

The “Painting” Project consists in painting and decorating the school giving it a new look which will motivate the girls and boys who will study there for many hours in the future, always having in mind their dental health.


More information


The school:

The school is in the town.


Pick up dates:

Each Project will have an assigned pick up date at Marrakech´s airport, those details will be sent with the “Project information” you will receive once you have been accepted into the Project. If you don´t arrive on the established date, we will send you all the necessary information and addresses so that you can make it there on your own.

The price for this pick up service is 10 € (you pay these once you get there). There will only be a pick up if there is a minimum of 10 volunteers.


Once you arrive to Errachidia:

When you arrive, you will rest for a while and then we will have a meeting so that we can all introduce ourselves, we will go over the norms and the functioning of the projects and we will visit the school in which we are going to work at.


Cultural activities:

Throughout the Project we will do different cultural activities so that you can personally discover moroccan culture. We will have a traditional music night, we will go to dinner with a moroccan family, will have roundtables on cultural issues, etc.


6 hour daily work Schedule:

Each group will work on their Project for three hours in the morning and three hours in the afternoon.


Trip to the desert:

On the second and third of April we will go out on a trip to be able to enjoy of a fabulous night out in the desert. For this we will ride camels through the dunes and Deep into the desert and we will spend the night with the local nomads in authentic “jaimas” (large tents for the desert).

PS: Although very recommended this trip is optional, those volunteers who don´t want to go on it can stay at the school for these days.


Farewell party:

At this party the volunteers will receive diplomas thanking them for their participation.

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OutDoor Activities for childrens


This program of activities with the children is a voluntary project for low-income children, are unable to travel or recreation facilities, so we try to encourage them, and push their creativity.
The main objective of the project is to help children whose parents have limited financial resources to focus a good early childhood education, health, food, psychology of these children. Working with parents and the community, who often lack the training and economic conditions to meet family needs.

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Painting and decorating


schools in the area are quite poor and deficient on several levels, and teaching
conditions; seem boring. This project attempts to create a spirit child in the classroom with the help of volunteers by decorating schools with examples of beautiful drawings or paint if necessary.
In this context volunteers have to let your imagination and talent to make their works at hand and make beautiful designs.

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Teaching Kids a rewarding pleasure


Volunteering as a teacher is a great way to pass on your skills and knowledge. We have placements available whatever your background and for anyone who would like to try teaching for the first time.
in Morocco French is the mast used Foreign Language . It’s the second Language in the country. No wonder, Moroccan give it much importance. However, we insist on children to learn English because it is an international Language. It’s the Language for better communication and a Language of science too. also you can teach Spanish or French if there enough people.

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